Beachside Camping

Beachside Camping

Finally! We are settled enough to have a weekend away with no reception and no worries! Our truck is geared up with our Howling Moon roof top tent and swing awning, we have our cooker and fridge in the back and probably enough food to last a week, off we go for our first two night overlanding adventure living purely from our Hilux.

On the drive there, thoughts run through my head on what the weekend ahead will bring. We have been planning this set up for months; it’ll be our first weekend away since selling our business – nothing to worry about back home! What’s it going to be like? Hopefully I can actually relax.

We get to the meeting point and our friends are still at least ten minutes away, with our dog barking in the back at the sight of the ocean, I decide to let him out and we’ll walk the beach and get picked up when the vehicles catch up to us. As you could imagine, our dog ‘Shelby’ was very pleased with my decision! So off we set.

The walk down the beach, only seeing mist on the horizon and no end to the shoreline brought piece to my mind, we did it! Finally we have started this new chapter of our life where we can enjoy nature and each other again….4km’s later the vehicles caught me! Turns out they were more than ten minutes away!

We make our turn onto a big grass clear patch and start to set camp for the night. Being our first official time setting it all up we decide to time ourselves; 4 minutes 36 seconds and we have somewhere to sleep and shelter for the night! As the sun was setting, and setting quickly! We put up the walls for our awning to create a ‘sitting room’ for our dinner and to protect us from the wind a bit, stepping back and checking out our setup, three words came to mind “What. A. Beast!”

After a well rested night, we woke to the sound of the Tasman Ocean crashing against the sand on the other side of the dunes. After a quick cooked breakfast we head down to check it out while our friend braves the tide to try his luck at catching brunch…no luck!

One thing that was lucky though, on the way back to camp I decided to check out another path only to come across an outhouse!! I couldn’t believe, after mentally preparing myself to call the dunes my bathroom for the weekend, I came across this beauty hiding in the trees close to camp 😊 and the cleanest I have seen to add to it!

We had a day of collecting shells, throwing sticks for the dog and generally doing nothing, more friends arrived and we all settled in for a night of laughter and good yarns.

I don’t think I’ll ever beat the sound of that ocean waking me in the morning after a comfortable night’s sleep. After packing everything up we went for a play in the dunes. Standing at the top and looking at the vast amount of space around us with no one else to be seen was an amazing feeling, knowing that all we had to worry about right then and there was what we could use to slide down! The foot well mat from the car doesn’t work…running will have to do!

I think it’s safe to say we had a great first trip with our new set up and we can’t wait to do it again! There’ll be a few things we’ll change or add as we go, but it is all a learning experience and we hope that we can discover all the mistakes, to come up with the best solution to make your overlanding experience as comfortable as possible. So that there is nothing holding you back from getting out there and doing it!