About Us


Our aim when we set up ‘Off Road Camping NZ’ is to help people to explore remote places and find adventure in their own vehicles, while still being as comfortable and as safe as possible.

Every item that we stock, in our minds, has one main purpose; ‘to make things easy and comfortable’.

We stock equipment that will help get you out of those deep bog holes such as;  Maxtrax and Winches, but also equipment that will help you get there in the first place; suspension, body protection and lighting. Then once you’ve been through all of that and you want to set up camp and relax, we have everything you need for that too: Roof top tents, refrigeration, power and RSI smart canopies.

We hope to make it possible for you and your families to get back in touch with nature and explore our beautiful country, off the grid and off the beaten track.